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A Tale of Ancient Rome
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Volume II of the Trilogy that began with Mondfeuer.
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Mondschatten book cover"Dises buch ist ein absolutes muss für alle, die gerne lesen (vor allem historisches)- nicht nur für die, die den ersten teil gelesen haben. und für die, die den ersten band gelesen haben: das warten hat sich gelohnt!!!"
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Auriane, the warrior daughter of a Chattian tribal chieftain, and Marcus Arrius Julianus, the aristocrat who served as advisor to four Emperors, live in luxury in a grand riverside villa in the Roman province of Germania Superior. But the shadow of destruction lies over this beautiful, still world. Julianus was the secret hand behind the plot to assassinate the Emperor Domitian. Now, a fanatic loyalist who worships Domitian's memory is determined to hunt Julianus down and destroy him. And Auriane has never severed her ties with her Chattian people - or from her people's tribal seeresses, who preside over all domains of life, from hearth, to altar, to battlefield. And now, Auriane's birth fate is poised to claim her, in a way that will brutally rend her family apart . . .

  Still to come: Volume III: Mondgottin  
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First century tribes of northern Europe fought to maintain their primitive accord with earth, sky, wind and spirits while ruthless Roman invaders plundered their lands, burned their villages, and kidnapped their young men for the imperial army.

When the Emperor Domitian crossed the Rhine with four legions in 83 AD, the north's hopes resided in a woman.

Auriane, daughter of a powerful barbarian chieftain, was the chosen successor of her tribe's most revered prophetess. But war and necessity impel her to take the oath of a shield maiden, and head her people's army in their doomed struggle against the brutal encroachments of the Roman legions. As the only world she's known collapses around her, Auriane is captured and taken to Rome--and into a life of horror and glory no seeress could have forseen.

Set against her story is the tale of a philosophically inclined Senator and nobleman, Marcus Arrius Julianus. Through wit, daring and skilled maneuvering, he strives to check the murderous whims of the increasingly corrupt Emperor Domitian. When Julianus realizes his efforts are doomed, he orchestrates a delicately balanced plot to assassinate the Emperor.

The Light Bearer is the product of twelve years of research into the history, culture and mythology of classical Rome and the proto-Germanic tribes.
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